Discipleship and Mentoring: A Growing Relationship With Christ

I was talking to my pastor the other day about the love of God. We were reflecting on how God’s love makes no sense. How could He love me despite all of my flaws and insecurities? He knows EVERYTHING about me yet He still loves me. I don’t know about you, but that’s good news to me!

And as I was reflecting on God’s love, I realized something beautiful about relationships. My closest friendships are with those who know me the best, with those who’ve seen me at my very worst and at my very best. And for some reason, after seeing all of that, these people still love me.

I am getting a glimpse of God’s love for me through the relationships He has provided. And as a mentor, this has to become my mindset. I have to realize that my role is to reflect the love of God and in that way make His name famous.

Rightly understanding our roles as members of the Body of Christ, as mentors and disciples, helps us grow in our relationships with Christ. When we become mirrors of the glory of God, we are constantly discovering, in each other, more of the mysteries of Christ.

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