Discipleship and Mentoring: A Push for Authenticity

It’s been quite the week for me. I haven’t written because I have been lacking motivation. Every time I sat down to write, I was bombarded with other things that filled my head and I couldn’t find the words. The most frustrating part of all of that is that this is something I am extremely passionate about and typically its easy for me to find the words I need.

But God in His sovereignty has used all of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions to help me understand this ‘push for authenticity’.

Authenticity has to be the framework from which a mentoring and discipleship relationship is built. If you can’t be real with the person that you are discipling (and vice versa) that relationship will fail.

Furthermore, we cannot function effectively as the Body of Christ without authenticity. I’m reading Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller with a group from my church. Last week, we read the chapter where Miller talks about his struggles with loneliness. He lacked community and that caused him to become selfish and self focused. He didn’t know how to act around other people. And then he realized that God made us to live in community.

I understand the essence of songs that declare ‘Christ is all we need’ but I’m not sure that’s entirely true. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that Christ is enough and I also believe that we need each other. We were made to function together.

And that’s the beauty of discipleship, it takes that a step further and calls for 100% honesty and transparency. As I’ve been battling through different emotions and thoughts, I have come to appreciate that. If I tried to deal with the last few days alone, I would be in a really bad place right now but God is gracious.

Church, we need people to speak truth into our lives AND we need to be people who speak truth.

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