Topics I’m Afraid to Blog About: Politics

Talking about politics brings dissension. I wish that wasn’t true but it is. Whether you’re extremely conservative or consider yourself a liberal, you’re probably willing to fight for what you believe.

I was going to talk about politics this week on my blog but I didn’t have peace about it. You may think I punked out (and I did) but I just couldn’t do it.

I’m a registered independent with no ties to a particular party. I have views that some would consider too liberal and others conservative. I am grateful for the opportunity to vote and feel the weight of the sacrifices made by those who made it possible for me to have a voice politically.

But my hope is not in the government. I’m not willing to fight over my political views. My opinion of an individual doesn’t change if they tell me they’re pro-choice or pro-life or if they’re for or against gay marriage (which seems to be the issues we care about the most).

So my fear in writing about my views politically is that there would be an argument in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter because of something I wrote. And I want no part in sparking that.

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