Past Posts: Parking Lot Drama

So today I went to Ross and got two great dresses for the summer weddings I will be attending :) . As I was at the register, a lady comes into the store and yells, ‘Excuse me, someone has a dog in their car and he’s suffering.’ She repeats it and starts looking around for the culprit, I quickly shake my head and let her know it’s not my dog. And then a lady finally says, ‘I just came in the store five minutes ago, he’s fine. He has a bowl of ice cold water in there with him, did you care to notice that?’ The ladies continue to argue about 10 feet apart from each other sharing their views on the situation and dropping explicits.

Then the argument continues in the parking lot. The lady (and her friend now) says she works for the SPCA and she’s calling the cops. The other lady and her daughter continue to tell her to back off and do what she needs to do. And then to my disbelief, the lady (SPCA woman) decides to attempt to pet the dog when he’s taken out of the car.

I’ll have to admit I chuckled a bit at the whole scenario. I mean, I was parked about two cars away from this scene and took my time before leaving. It was like I was watching some show on Animal Planet. For what it’s worth, here’s my opinion on the whole thing: The dog should not have been left in the car in the heat. The other lady could have shared her concern in a different way and backed off if the lady didn’t oblige.

But then I thought about it a little deeper…do I stand up for injustice like that? Does the sight of injustice make me as heated as that lady was? I’m not saying that she dealt with the situation well at all (because she didn’t) but her passion was admirable. Am I that enraged when I see the image of God destroyed? When I see the homeless man on the street? When I hear about human trafficking that takes place in my backyard? When I see kids in Uganda being taught how to kill? Sadly, I don’t know if I do. I mean, I have my ‘fight for injustice’ moments…you know, join a Facebook group, follow them om Twitter, give a check to this organization or maybe even volunteer but where’s my heart in all of this? Do I really believe in justice and the power of love or do I just act like it? I know the right words to say and the right groups to join but what does my life say?

I’m graduating in the spring and I’ve been faced with the reality of my future. What do I want to do? And I figured discovering my passions would be a good place to start. But before I can even do that, I must discover what real passion looks like…passion without action is worthless. So today, I begin the search for my passion. Or maybe better yet an understanding of my passion which when it gets down to it should be Jesus. Hmmm….more on that later I suppose.

In other news, I head back to CU tomorrow. I’ll be working with Student Life and Conference and Event Services. This first week will be training, after that two weeks of being an RA for Summer Studies and hanging out with some high school students and then a few weeks of doing whatever is asked of me (everything from airport runs to Vecino coffee making to cleaning toilets to handing out keys). I’m pretty excited about it!

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