Walk Towards the Bush

I had some friends over to my apartment a few weeks ago. The purpose of our gathering was to share what we’d been learning in our walks with the Lord.

One of my brothers shared how he had been learning the importance of understanding our role in our relationship with Jesus. He used the example of Moses and the burning bush. God did the miracle but Moses had to choose to walk toward the bush.

That imagery has been stuck in my head. We can talk a lot about the power of God but neglect our role in the relationship.

To avoid the appearance of arrogance or judgement on my part, I’m going to use some examples from my own life.

My Facebook and Twitter are littered with ‘spiritual talk’, verses I’ve read, songs that blessed me, etc. In the moment my intention is good and motives pure. But what is my life like outside of the social media blur?

I get opportunities to preach and I enjoy everything about it. I enjoy the preparation process. I enjoy getting into the Word. And I enjoy challenging the people of God with His truth. But what does my life look like outside of the pulpit?

The Lord is relentless in pursuing my heart. Relentless. But I have to take a step toward Him. I have to pursue Him.

I have to walk towards the bush, not just stare at it.

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