Moving to Ohio

On Friday, July 1st I will be moving to Ohio to start the next season of my life.

I will have the privilege to serve as a Resident Director for a women’s dorm at Cedarville University.

For those of you who know me, you know that figuring out what to do next came with a huge amount of stress and anxiety. There were times that I wanted to give up frankly. I had some really low moments that were filled with uncertainty. It was a really scary time for me.

But through it all, the Lord taught me how to praise and pray my way through. This wasn’t me pretending like I was okay. This was me choosing to worship Him regardless of what happened. It was only by His grace that I was able to give it all to Him.

And as a result, He gave me more than I can imagine. In a society where it is so hard for college grads to find a job, I have one that provides an apartment, food, and benefits.

God is good.

And even if I was still in the desert land…

He’d still be good.

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