Journey Through Luke: The Importance of Scripture

I’ve always been struck by the account of Jesus’ temptation found in Scripture. Why is it in the Bible? What are we supposed to learn from it?

What I love most about reading through the Gospels is being able to identify with the person of Jesus. He faced many of the same trials I go through today. And not only did He face them but He teaches me how to properly deal with them. Too often we try to combat our situations with our own feeble attempts at freedom. But Jesus’ example is so clear in Scripture.

The beginning of Luke 4 describes Jesus’ temptation. And every time Satan seeks to tempt Jesus, He comes back with Scripture. He’s continuously quoting Scripture, reminding Satan of Who and Whose He is. The Word of God is so important and we can’t claim to follow Him if we aren’t devoted to His Word.

This account of Jesus’ temptation has motivated me to memorize Scripture. I believe that’s what it means to ‘hide the Word in our hearts.’ When I am faced with trouble I don’t need to think about how I would handle the situation…I need to run to Scripture. In some ways, I think my generation has strayed away from the importance of the Word. We are more enthralled with the person of Jesus. And I think thats a good thing but everything we know about Him we must glean from Scripture.

As my journey through Luke continues, I find myself falling more and more in love with His Word.

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