The End of the World and Rushing Bible Study

By now you’ve all heard…according to some religious fanatics…the world ends today. I only have one comment on the whole thing…if the world was really ending today…where is the urgency?

Wouldn’t you think people with knowledge of the Bible, people who believe that if you die without knowing Jesus you will burn in hell.. Wouldn’t those people be spending these last days sharing the Gospel not celebrating?

But I’m not too quick to point the finger because I do believe that Jesus is coming back one day. Maybe its today…maybe its not. But regardless of when He comes, where is my urgency?

A little food for thought I suppose…food that I hope will lead me to action.

Moving forward…

As you know from my last post, I’m studying Luke. Tell me why I’m already on chapter 5. Why is this a problem? Because I’m not really studying the Word…I’m just reading it and jumping straight to present day application. There’s a huge problem with that for several reasons, the main one being that I can too easily misinterpret Scripture that way. I graduated with a Bible degree, so I know all the appropriate Bible study methods but that takes time. I was trying to rush the process.

So here’s to starting over….Luke 1.

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