Genuine Worship

As I’ve been involved with the music ministry at my school and my church, I’ve had several conversations about what genuine worship looks like. I’ve even had people question the authenticity of my worship. Some people don’t get why I feel the need to jump or shout or raise my hands.

Can I be honest?

It gets to me sometimes. I start to tone things down. I start to get super self-conscious. I start to question my worship.

But you know what? THAT IS A SIN!

I’m not worshiping because I’m seeking to please any man…I’m giving honor and praise to the only One worthy of it all! No one knows like I do the mountains He’s brought me over. No one knows the reasons for the tears in my eyes…no one knows the reason I jump…no one knows the reason I lift my hands.

At the end of the day, its no ones place to analyze or judge my worship. But even if they do…yet will I praise Him…for He is worthy.

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