Keeping fasting secret

I’ve been pretty open about my Lent fast on this blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter. My reason for doing this isn’t so I can brag about my fast (like the Bible warns against) but rather so I can be real about my struggle.

Being open and real shows my humanness.

In my mind, it’s all about transparency. I’m not just gonna tweet verses and good ‘christian quotes’ but I’m gonna tell you when I suffer and when I mess up. This blog and the various other communications sources are a means of release…they’re therapeutic.

And while I hope people read this and are blessed, encouraged, or challenged in some way by my victories and struggles…I’d still write if no one read a word.

I find tremendous value in it for my own growth.

And on the flip side, I see tremendous value in it for the purpose of community. I love reading blogs, watching documentaries, and any almost any reality television show you can think of.


Because they show the reality of humanness. I am afforded the opportunity to walk into another person’s story. There is great value in that. A value that grows us deeper in community.

So here’s to growing together.

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