I need you

A few years ago I had a conversation with a friend who was graduating.

As we talked about the future and what that would look like for her, we began discussing the various reasons people relocate. Some move in order to be closer to family. Others relocate with a future spouse. Some simply go wherever there’s a job offer.

But what about church?

When talking to my friends that follow Jesus about post-grad life, the reoccurring thing that comes up is the lack of a strong Christian community. Many of these friends have graduated from Christ-centered universities or where very involved in their local church. And leaving that brings about a rude awakening for many people.

When my friend and I talked she encouraged me that regardless of what I did with my future to not forgot about the importance of a community of believers. And while moving somewhere just for a church may seem a bit unusual, I would argue that it is important for the follower of Jesus.

We can’t do life alone. We can’t follow Jesus alone. We NEED the Body of Christ. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to relocate for a job, spouse, etc but I am saying that as you do…don’t forget about the Church.

As I prayerfully consider the future I can’t get this out of my head. I’ve learned a lot about the Body of Christ over the past few years. And I’ve come to realize and understand my need for the Church. So I’ve find myself not only thinking about a job but also a church.

Church, you are my life support.

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