It’s Not About Me

Today was a pretty productive day. After prayer, we worked on our facility projects. I finished organizing and cleaning the maintenance closet, did some laundry, and other little projects around the church. Molly, Margaret, and I went out and signed up kids for day camp. We had the opportunity to pray with and meet a few people in the neighborhood.

I also had a really good lunch with my mentor. We were each assigned mentors (female staff members) who we meet with once a week. Ashli and I met to discuss how the internship was going and to pray together. In talking to her, I was reminded that ministry is not about me. Like yesterday, this seems like a pretty simple lesson. But going into ministry with this mindset can dramatically transform the way I minister. When I realize it’s not about me, the ‘success’ or ‘failures’ of the people in my community don’t fall on my shoulders. God is sovereign and He is the one that transforms lives. It’s a simple yet powerful concept.

Tonight, we went to ROCK, the youth program, and got to hang out and play games with some of the students. And then some of us went to Coldstone. It was an all around good day. I’m exhausted but in the best way.


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