Teachable Spirit

Today after prayer I worked on getting some lessons for the music class I’ll be teaching for the kids day camps coming up in a little over a week. My theme is STOMP…so I’ll be playing a lot of drum and rhythm games and hopefully ending our two week camp with a performance put on by the kids.

After that we had a meeting to discuss what working with visiting teams will look like. Julie and I will be orienting teams and really overseeing their time here at Urban Hope. I’m really excited about experiencing this side of ministry. I’ve normally always been the team visiting but now I get to facilitate those groups. After that meeting, we met with James to talk about youth ministry stuff. I’m pretty excited to start working with the youth here and discipling some of the girls.

Tonight the interns spent some time together, we went out for philly cheesesteaks, came back and hung out at the house and prayed together.

Today the big lesson for me was learning to be teachable. Or maybe just learning what it looks like to be teachable. I mean…I consider myself to be pretty teachable but I definitely have not mastered it. I was challenged with a lot of things today by others and through my time with the Lord. It was just one of those moments when I realize I don’t know everything. I’ve taken all of these Bible classes and urban ministry classes, I’ve had a lot of experience but I have a long way to go. Yes, the Lord has gifted me and given me passions but I can never stop being teachable. It seems simple, right? But all too often I forget that.

So keep praying that I would be humble and open to what the Lord has to teach me this summer. He’s not done with me yet!


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