This morning after our time of prayer, we got to work on some projects and get some reading done. Julie and I are working on calling visiting teams and making sure their groups are all prepared to come. We are also reading Urban Christian and Theology as Big as the City by Ray Bakke. We read and discussed the first two chapters of each book today and have already gained a lot of insight about how to operate as a follower of Christ in the urban community.

After our discussion and lunch, we were able to participate in the Cornerstone graduation ceremony. Cornerstone is the after school program here at Urban Hope, so it was neat to see the kids get acknowledged for their hard work throughout the year. After some down time, we went to Blockbuster Training with Ed. Blockbuster is a class designed to disciple and train followers of Christ to reach others with the Gospel. Tonight Ed talked to us about how to share our faith in our everyday lives. He gave us some suggestions on how to make that a reality. After our class, we went out on the streets in groups and practiced what we learned. Julie, Molly, and I were able to talk to Ivonne and Susie and two kids, Gabriel and Asia. We only talked for about 20 minutes but it was neat to hear a bit of their story and I look forward to visiting them again.

During the session with Ed, I was so convicted. I say I love the Lord and want to follow Him but I don’t live like it. I’m not telling people about Jesus even though I believe that if they die in sin they’re going to hell. Something is wrong with that picture. Ed kept saying tonight, ‘Just be yourself.’ I don’t have to roll up on someone with a track and some hidden agenda…I just need to be me. And if who I am is rooted in my relationship with Christ…I should have no problems talking about Him.

Before we went to bed, the other interns, Cassie, and I spent some time sharing what we were learning and in prayer. It was just neat to share how the Lord has been working in our hearts and really lift each other up.

So I write tonight with an encouraged and challenged heart…excited about what the Lord is doing.

Prayer requests:

– Continued boldness to have good conversations with people
– Continued unity amongst the interns
– Safe travel as we go to New York tomorrow to check out Metro Ministries

Appreciate you all!


One thought on “Convicted

  1. dupree my girl i LOVE reading about what you’re doing.
    🙂 ahhhhh urban hope. such a good place. and good ppl! i’m glad you’re there. keep blogging!

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