Job 8:21

My fear is that I’ll let this blog die. I fear that because that tells me that I’m not taking time to just be still and reflect. This space has served somewhat as a form of therapy for me…a place to be honest with myself and anyone who may come across this page. I’m used to living a pretty fast pace life, always doing something. But the Lord is always teaching me the importance of just being still, reflecting and meditating on Him and the things He is teaching me.

So what has He been teaching me lately? The beauty of laughter. On Sunday night, I arrived at CU and met up with the rest of the summer crew. I am working with 5 other students as dorm supervisors for conference and event services and student life (and whoever else needs us on campus :). What do we do? Anything that is asked of us. This week we are training learning about airport runs, how to give admissions tours, keys and housing assignments, how to work at Rinnova (yes!) and all sorts of other things. We’ve also been doing some team bonding with our boss, Becky Stowers. I have laughed so hard in the past two days with my team. I’m talking about laughing until your stomach hurts and your crying. I find myself laughing and really enjoying it…really enjoying the time spent with some awesome people. I’m not sure if that makes sense but I just fully embrace the moment.

A friend shared the passage in the title with me earlier today. Job, in the midst of the chaos of his life, was reminded of the joy that the Lord gives. I couldn’t help but think of the mess that our world is in today. It’s hard for me to read the news because of the tragedies that take place. There are people that I love and care about deeply who are struggling and hurting. And yet in the midst of all of this, He reminds me that He is still God. He reminds me even through laughter.

As I write this I am listening to ‘I Am Yours’, a song written by Misty Edwards. The chorus says ‘Though you seem far away/ Still I’m here to say/ I am Yours/ I am Yours.’  Every time I listen to this song tears come to my eyes. The weight of the truth that songs carries touches my heart. There are a lot of things about God that I don’t understand. I have a lot of questions that I wish I had answers too. I desperately want Jesus to come back and restore us…restore this world…restore me. But while I wait for His return…as He chooses to use me here, He reminds me that I am His and that He is God. There’s a strange peace that comes with embracing that.

‘In the middle of the night my heart yearns…’

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