One more concert…

Our concert today for the Word of Life students, faculty and staff went well. We had a great time worshipping with them. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing volleyball together and with some of the students from Word of Life.

It’s hard to believe that this is almost over. We have our final concert tomorrow night at 6 in town. The mayor and his officials did all of the advertising for the event and are really excited about having us. Pray that the people in town would see the joy of the Lord in us. Pray that we would give our all and sing with as much passion and love as we did at our first concert in France.

After our concert today some of the Word of Life students came up to us and asked how we could sing that powerfully for that long. We told them that it was God. Our concerts have been between 1 – 2 hours long and the Lord has sustained us.  It’s been awesome to see what happens when I’m not focused on myself but focused on sharing the love and joy of Jesus to other people. The way and reason I do everything changes. There is no room for pride because it’s evident that His Spirit is moving and working in and through me.

As we prepare to end our trip well, please continue to be faithful in praying for us.

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